What you are up to—notes from the We Are In Beta Community
The We Are In Beta Podcast would be nothing without you - our listeners. You've tweeted about it and shared it with your friends, colleagues and networks.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To return the favour, over the coming weeks and months, I want to promote the positive and practical stuff you're up to in the Community News section of the We Are In Beta Newsletter - https://weareinbeta.substack.com/subscribe - as we release Series 2 of the podcast. More info here: https://weareinbeta.substack.com/p/we-are-in-beta-series-2-trailer-and

Subscribers include teachers, leaders, heads, exec heads, governors, our podcast guests, MAT and charity CEOs, funders, investors, education business owners, edu authors and journalists, school network and local education authority leaders and colleagues from the DfE. The newsletter's been viewed 5,750 times already this month (Nov)

Things people have asked me to share so far include: programmes they're running, events they're organising, blogs they're writing, websites they've built, articles they've been featured in, jobs they're advertising, books they're publishing, research they're doing, organisations they're building, awards they've won and Ofsted inspections they're celebrating. See an example here: https://weareinbeta.substack.com/p/what-are-you-up-to

Let me know about it below and I will shout about it. Will try and tweet about it too. If I don't, give me a nudge, tag me in and I'll share for you.

Feel free to share this form with the friends and colleagues you've shared the podcast with or colleagues in charge of sharing good news. The more we know about people do positive things in education the better.

Looking forward to hearing about and promoting the positive work you're doing!


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