Resonating with Respect and Value for Women
Never has a USA election cycle and political rhetoric reached so many lows for devaluing others as the present day we witness in the news. However, with a woman running for office the debasements seem to go beyond insulting one another, reminding us of the discrimination women face everyday for being women. There is fear that the daily news is only making this lack of respect and value for women only more ingrained in our culture. Women everywhere continue to suffer -many in silence as a result.

World Peace Hologram is a blog that offers healing events using the Resonance Repatterning system, that brings coherence to any problem, pain or situation we are facing. We do not endorse one political group or individual over another. Our statements of coherence respect all points of views regardless of affiliations such as political groups, countries, candidates etc.

In this repatterning we invite participants to help create an energy field of consciousness that brings respect and value for women easily viewed in all of the political rhetoric, news, and the actions of leaders through out the world.

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PERSONAL - How do you personally experience the devaluing of women in your everyday life - either as a woman or among family friends and colleagues? What do you find disturbing?
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GLOBAL - Where do you observe devaluing of women at a global level? Please make a few short key points:
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Equality for women is a known indicator of success for large companies and countries alike. What would you like to see or experience instead of the personal and global issues regarding respect and value for women that you named above?
Personal Intention - What do you want instead of the personal situation you are facing?
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Global Intention: How do you want to specifically see women respected and valued on the global level?
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