Jewish Bridge Project | Spring 2023/5783 Jewish Justice Circle: Awakening to whiteness (JJC:A2w)
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Please make sure you've read the full description of this offering here:

Thursdays between March 2 & June 15, 2023

8 Main Sessions (3 hours) every other Thursday
9a - 12p PT | 10a - 1p MT | 11a - 2p CT | 12p - 3p ET

8 Optional Discussion Sessions (1 hour) alternating Thursday (mostly)
10a -11a PT | 11a - 12p MT | 12p -1p CT | 1p - 2p ET

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We believe this work is most effective when engaged with partners and we will give priority to people who apply in pairs or small teams. (Examples of small teams that have participated include: members of congregations, political networks and organizations, neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends.)  Are you applying in partnership with someone else?  If so, please list them here. If not, please still apply. *
Our circle will work best with a firm commitment from all participants to attend and participate in every session, even if discomfort arises as we explore race, racism, antisemitism, and whiteness. At this time, how much commitment are you able to offer this study group?  What level of scheduling conflict do you anticipate.  Missing more than one session significantly impacts the experience for all participants. *
Do you plan to attend the alternating week hour-long optional conversation sessions? *
Please describe your past experience exploring race, racism and whiteness. *
Do you identify as Jewish? *
Do you identify as white? *
We invite you to share with us any other salient identities you bring. (eg: Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrachi,  LGBTQIA+, disabled, Hispanic, parent, clergy, Jew by choice, member of a mixed race family, adoptee, etc...)
Cross-generational learning can deepen our understanding of each other, increasing our capacity for conversations across differences. We are committed to creating an intergenerational learning space. We ask you to share where you fit into this map, knowing that these boundaries may feel limiting. *
Please tell us about why you are applying to participate in the Jewish Justice Circle: Awakening to whiteness. What do you hope to gain from this experience? *
Please share any questions or concerns you have about the Jewish Justice Circle: Awakening to whiteness or your participation in the circle. *
Regarding Access: As a part of our commitment to access we provide captions for all sessions, have slides available for every session, support different learning styles with varying exercises and activities, ask people to be on video as much as possible and understand we all have different capacities for engaging the camera, encourage all participants to use visual descriptions of themselves, and practice using a combination of "chat" and verbal communications.  We craft our space with attention to how people with atypical ways of thinking, communicating, sensing, or moving, can easily navigate this environment, and we want to know about you so we can best adapt.  Is there anything you'd like to share with us about you? *
We are committed to making this workshop series available to people across class and economic access.  To support this commitment, we have devised a sliding scale which aims to take into account both the inequitable distribution of wealth in our society as well as the value of the labor required to offer this workshop.  As white class-privileged people committed to resource redistribution, we will be contributing 10% of gross earnings from this circle to BIPOC-leaders.  We encourage participants to self-select into paying the amount that best correlates to your class position; here are three links that we’ve found helpful to understand class in the U.S. This one ( comes from Class Action, a cross-class group working towards Economic Justice, and this one ( comes from SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) and explains Class Markers as well as why class matters in organizing for racial justice.  Finally, this one ( comes from Resource Generation, an organization that supports young adults in equitable wealth, land, and power redistribution. There are a limited number of spaces available, so we might reach out to you to talk more after you’ve applied to make sure we're covering our costs. *
Can we reach out to you about moving to a different level? *
How did you hear about the Jewish Justice Circle: Awakening to whiteness?  Please tell us the organization, list, or person who shared this with you. *
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