Sheffield Night Hike Registration

    Please give permission for the Sheffield Night Hike to store and use your contact details.

    Data Protection and Email Consent

    The Sheffield Night Hike would like your permission to store and use your contact details (telephone number, email address and home address) for the purposes of the Sheffield Night Hike. The Sheffield Night Hike requires contact details for yourself, for an emergency contact, and if under 18, for consent. These are required: (1) for your safety during the Night Hike (2) to contact you before the event (date, time, location reminders) and to inform of any changes, for example due to inclement weather or ground conditions (3) to contact you after the event to give details how to return your sponsor money, and to give the date for the next years event The Sheffield Night Hike sends about 6 emails per year; 4 or 5 before the event and 1 or 2 after the event. You must "Agree" to this as a condition of entry to the Sheffield Night Hike. If you "Disagree", we are sorry, but you cannot register. You can manage your email consent from the Sheffield Night Hike website: With your permission, the Sheffield Night Hike will pass your details to Christian Aid - see the next question. The Sheffield Night Hike will not pass your details to any other organisation.
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    Data Protection (Christian Aid)

    If you would like to receive further information from Christian Aid please select the appropriate option below, and should you choose to do so the Sheffield Night Hike will pass on your details to Christian Aid.
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