Makeblock Codey Rocky 2-hour Coding Workshop | Makeblock Codey Rocky 2小時入門編程工作坊
感謝閣下選購Makeblock Codey Rocky STEM編程及科技教育套件。為使閣下能盡情享受以Codey Rocky編程及學習新科技的樂趣,本公司特別為閣下提供「Codey Rocky 2小時入門編程工作坊」(價值$1,000),讓閣下在專業指導下學習Scratch及Python編程,展開您的STEM編程科技之路。
Thank you for choosing Makeblock Codey Rocky STEM Coding and Technology Educational Robot Kit. Everbest Technologies specially provides an 1-hour Coding Workshop (Worth: $500) to our customers for the sake of promoting the fun of coding with Codey Rocky. You will be guided to code with Scratch and Python, and experience the world of STEM education with coding and new technologies.

工作坊內容:教導學員瞭解Codey Rocky各個模組,及以Scratch及Python作基礎編程
Workshop details: Familiarize different modules of Codey Rocky
Programming basic Scratch and Python codes with Codey Rocky

授課對象:18歲以下兒童 (歡迎家長與孩子一同參與)
Target: Children under 18 (Parents are welcomed)

費用:全免 (只適用於從香港及澳門授權商戶*購買Codey Rocky的消費者)
**僅限購買後3個月內登記報讀 Only applicable to registration within three-month purchase
Fee: Free of charge (only for consumers who has purchased Codey Rocky from Hong Kong and Macau authorized shops*)

請自攜閣下的Codey Rocky、手提電腦(PC/Mac)及由香港及澳門授權商戶簽發之購買單據上課。
Please bring along your Codey Rocky, laptop (PC/Mac) and purchase invoice issued by Hong Kong and Macau authorized shops to the workshop.
*請預先下載mBlock 5 //Please download mBlock 5 in advance (
**現場不會提供手提電腦//No laptops are available at workshop.

地點:Makeblock HK STEM Lab Demo Room (香港中環永吉街11號永亨保險大廈12樓B)
Venue: Makeblock HK STEM Lab Demo Room (Room 12B, Wing Hang Insurance Building, 11 Wing Kut Street, Central)

Please kindly fill out the e-form below for workshop registration.
Hotline 查詢熱線

有關本課程問題,請致電2544 8280查詢。
Should you have any inquiries, please contact us at 2544 8280.

有關Codey Rocky技術支援,請致電2544 0103查詢。如線路比較繁忙,請耐心等候。
Regarding technical support of Codey Rocky, please call 2544 0103. Thank you for your patience when the hotline is busy.

Please contact us during office hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

*Authorized by Hong Kong and Macau Sole Distributor, Everbest Technologies

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