Mobile, Touch Screen Applications
With the Skills Label TM system, a practitioner creates any of these elements (jobs, syllabi, projects, users, and labels) from a web application (larger screen) to create learning pathways. Then uses mobile applications to work with the pathways and dashboards from a mobile device, tablet, or other touch screen when the inspiration hits - on the GO (analogous to a tasking application).

Looking to get an understanding of usability (intuitiveness and simplicity), stability (errors and problems), and functionality of two mobile applications. Also, understand and identify actual use cases.

Please spend five to ten minutes reviewing two mobile applications. Here is the link:

The first application is a tiled draggable interface to access, manage, and work with learning pathways and dashboards. More focused on effectively working with dashboards - there is full CRUD support (create, read, update, and delete) of the dashboards. (Though many of these features do now work in this example because they require a valid logged in, admin user - for security reasons).

In the bottom right corner, there is a toggle button to view the second application.

The second application is more of an informative application where practitioners work with pathways. The application supports adding new elements to pathways.

In both applications, with a click and hold on any of the elements (except a user), a new page appears with all the qualitative information of that element (added features to support the requirements of the element, such as a job description and 'job label' for a job or a printable PDF for a syllabus).

Please see the video for a quick introduction to the mobile applications:

Does the navigation (pages and pure scroll and swipes and drag) work? *
Not at All
(Beyond the functions requiring a login.) Did you experience any errors or unexpected responses?
No Errors
Significant Errors
Clear selection
If you scored above a 2 in previous question, could you explain what problems you experienced?
How legible were the elements (in the grid)? Could you identify each element?
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How effective was the drag functionality? Did moving elements across the screen behave properly?
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Overall, how would you rate the overall performance of both mobile applications.
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(Being a learning practitioner) When might you use this mobile application
Before, during, or after class.
Before, during, or after a team meeting.
On the go. When thinking through an experience.
Adding a new job requirement.
Constructing a personal lesson plan.
Defining the parameters of project.
Can you think of any other 'use cases' of these mobile applications?
Please provide a brief description of any suggested functionality or features and general thoughts regarding the overall concept.
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