FIDE ID application for Kuala Lumpur
This form is for chess players from KL to apply for FIDE-ID through KLCA. All applicants must be malaysian . All applications must be approved by KLCA and MCF. MCF reserves the right not to register or to deregister any player who provided false or incomplete information during application. The minimum time for an ID to be generated is 7 days from the time of application.
Before or after filling up the form, please write an email to the secretary of KLCA En Mohamad Shafiq, informing him that you are applying for an FIDE-ID.
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Name as in Mykad, Please do not use all capital letters for example MUHAMMAD , correct is Muhammad.
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Children may use their parents' email. Email address already used by other applicants will be rejected by the FIDE server.
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Please state the FIDE event taking part, which requires the application of FIDE-ID. for example Penang Open 2017 etc
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