Supplyframe DesignLab Residency Application
The Supplyframe DesignLab is the place to realize your dream of building your next big project. The DesignLab is a space with professional-level tools coupled with the resources to make anything you can think of. You’ll be working alongside other creatives, sharing skills with each other and the world around you. Residencies last 4 months and include exclusive access to the facility, use of the tools, and a $1,000 materials budget. Our third round of Residencies begins September 1.

We require all Residency applicants to provide documentation of their project on If selected, Resident teams are expected to document their progress regularly on as well. Although we are looking for ambitious projects to be realized in the DesignLab, the projects you share in your application don’t need to be. We’d like to see projects that are related to the work you’d like to do in the DesignLab. Again, we do need to see good documentation, so make a tutorial, design a printed circuit board, or build your next mechanical project in CAD.

Ideal candidates will either have existing projects, or leap at the opportunity to document their projects there, show aptitude for getting through the last 20% of a project, and have a project that is compelling both from a technological and design perspective. We welcome all applications including art, pure science, product development, and passion projects.

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