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C2i has a system in place to ensure our data are up-to-date. Keeping track of around 3,000 institutions, however, can be difficult. A few might slip through the cracks. If we have missed something, this form will help us correct it.

Institutions are organized alphabetically by state and list IPEDS UnitIDs for quick searching. The C2i Classification system is as follows:

Fully In person - Classes will exclusively be conducted in person

Primarily in person, some courses just online - Classes will be mainly conducted in person with certain exceptions for online delivery

Fully online no students on campus - Classes will only be conducted online, residence halls closed

Fully online with at least some students on campus - Classes will only be allowed online, residence halls open

Primarily online, some courses just in person - Classes will be taught primarily online with the exception of some courses. Example: allowing classes with lab components to meet in person

Hyflex teaching - Professors are allowed to decide how to teach their course on a rolling basis. Some weeks/days online, some weeks/day in person and so on

Simultaneous teaching - Professors will be required to teach their courses online and in person, at the same time

Professor’s choice - The institution has allowed their professors to pick their method of academic delivery

TBD - No announcement has been made about Fall 2020 instruction

No COVID-19 mentions - Some institutions do not have COVID-19 updates available on their websites, these tend to be religiously aligned or special-mission institutions.

Some variety of methods, non specific plan - Institutions provide a list of general intentions but do not have a clear plan.

Closed - The institution has shut its doors since the last IPEDS update.

Already an online institution - The institution already provided all courses online, prior to March 2020.

Other - Please provide information as to the mode of delivery in the notes section at the end of the form.

While we do accept anonymous correction requests, providing an email address and name makes it easier for us to follow-up with you about your correction request.

Thank you so much for helping The College Crisis Initiative track institutional responses to COVID-19.
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