Educational Robotics Questionnaire for Teachers
This research is being carried out under the Erasmus + Programme "Coding and STEM Skills through Robotics: Supporting Primary Schools to develop inclusive Digital Strategies for All (CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS)". The project is funded by the European Union and has a duration of 28 months (September 2018 - December 2020). The project includes six partners from Belgium, Cyprus, Greece and Sweden.

The project attempts to design and implement an innovative training program for primary school pupils and teachers, aiming at the introduction of educational robotics and the necessary programming concepts in schools. The results of the project are expected to enhance students' ability to develop analytical and algorithmic thinking as well as to solve problems while cultivating skills such as ingenuity and collaboration.

This questionnaire aims at exploring the existing situation in schools regarding infrastructure, teachers' knowledge, culture, etc. in relation to educational robotics and its use for educational purposes.

The questionnaire is addressed exclusively to active primary school teachers.

Your contribution by completing the questionnaire is very important for the successful and effective implementation of the project aiming at the greatest possible benefits for primary school pupils and teachers.
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