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Thank you for your interest in What in Carnation's Forget-Me-Not Flower Subscription Service! Please fill out the form below to begin receiving flowers for yourself or effortlessly sending flowers to someone else. Please only include one recipient per form submission. If you are wanting to send to multiple people, please fill out the for with your preferred preferences (the information for the majority of your orders). You will have the option to change the recipient and delivery information when it comes time to confirm each order. So, if you are doing monthly and you want your May delivery to be sent to your Mom instead of you, you will be able to update that once you receive your May confirmation email.
Email *
Make sure the email that you have entered above is not accessible to the recipient (so this can stay a surprise if you want), but very accessible to you!
All of the program details, invoicing, and communication will be done through this email. So, it is best to use an email that you check frequently. We also suggest that you add us ( to your e-mail address book so our emails do not get sent to your spam folder.
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If it is for someone else, what is their name? (first and last, please!)
What is your relationship to the recipient listed above?
What is a good phone number to reach them at in case of any questions or problems with delivery?
Tell us about the recipient!
Whether that is you or someone else. We would love to know a little about you/them. Feel free to tell us as much or as little as you would like. This is also a great place to add yours/their favorite colors and flowers and if there are any allergies to flowers or greenery. Our recipes are not customized unless it is for a birthday or anniversary, but we will always be aware of allergies.
What product would you like to receive or send? *
Bouquets are a great option for someone who loves creative outlets. Arrangements are the perfect option for someone who would prefer it to already be done for them or wants to receive it ready to be set out.
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