2020 PANAAWTM Conference Registration
Remembering Futures: Time, Experience, Narratives
(Garrett Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL 4/2/2020--4/4/2020)

As PANAAWTM celebrates our 35th anniversary, we critically question time, experience, and narratives. Contemplating our 35 years of engagement in difficult dialogues, we analyze and theo-ethically respond to social and ecological injustices, and mine Asian/Asian American women’s theological and religious wisdom to embrace the suffering of all living beings empathetically and to re-tell the narratives of futures. How do our narratives of futurity map the ways we engage in theology and ministry in the present? What future/s do we envision in our work (e.g., scholarship, ministry, advocacy, activism, collective care, etc.)?
* If you are interested in presenting your scholarly paper or leading a workshop, see our Call for Proposals at http://www.panaawtm.org/673/

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*Important Dates:
(1) The early conference registration by 3/5
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**(3) Registration with guaranteed housing by 2/27/2020
**(4) Application for a guaranteed student scholarship by 2/27/2020

*Cancellation policy: (1) By February 28, 2020: Housing payment and registration fee refunded, minus $25 administrative fee.
(2) After March 12, 2020: The registration fee will NOT be refunded. The housing minus $25 administrative fee will be refunded.

*Should you have any questions about the registration, please contact panaawtm2020@gmail.com
* Want to know more about PANAAWTM? Go to www.panaawtm.org
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Pacific Asian North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry
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