Bartolomeo & Perotto Follow-up Survey
Choosing Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home
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#1. Initial contact (phone, email, visit)
#2 Attention to detail
#3 Sensitivity of the Funeral Director
#4 Courtesy of the staff overall
#5 Preparation and appearance of the deceased
#6 Condition of the facilities
#7 Flexibility/willingness to meet special requests
#8 Information provided for decision making
#9 Variety of available services and merchandise
#10 Freedom and time to make decisions without pressure
#11 Clarity of pricing and payment policy
#12 Tribute/Memorialization options (audio-visual, web based, etc)
#13 Creativity of service and support options
#14 Overall impression of the ceremony
#15 Overall rating of the services of the funeral home
#16 Value of services received compared to price paid
#17 Value of merchandise purchased (casket, urn, vault) compared to price paid
What aspects of your experience with us were most meaningful to you?
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What, if anything, could they have done to improve your experience?
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If you would like to recognize specific staff people for either exemplary care or poor service, please identify the specific staff person(s) and share your comments regarding this person(s)
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