The Edge of The Wild 2020
Please complete the below form and be ready to make a manual payment via PayPal or select "other" when the option arises. The Edge of the Wild is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers; please bear this in mind and consider donating alongside your ticket price so we an continue to offer concession tickets to those who need it.
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Are you bringing a vehicle? If you are coming by car or other higher carbon using travel, we charge and donate to Green & Away for planting trees to balance CO2 usage. While the amount may not reflect the true carbon cost it's a reminder of our effect on this lovely ecosystem! *
I am able to make a donation towards other members concession tickets (Please state amount added to ticket price for our records)
That's It! Thank you for joining us at Edge of The Wild 2019. Please pay £260 in the "pay friends and family" option on PayPal. If you do not have PayPal please tick "other" below and email us at the above address to discuss online banking/cheque options *
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