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If there is one thing that contributed the most to the success of my clients over the last 20 years, it is the ability to be different from your competitors - and get paid fairly for the extra value. With all the challenges of the pandemic, the need to keep independent businesses profitable and stable is critical right now. With the shift to online learning platforms and Zoom meetings, our own business model was forced to pivot. We have packaged up all the knowledge and experience my clients paid a lot of money for and put them in a new product at a fraction of the price!

I can’t wait to get this new offer out to as many independent businesses as possible, but before we launch, I want to get your feedback and make sure we cover all the important points.
What are your top 2 questions around pricing strategy, competitor challenges, and making changes to the products and services you offer?
What are your top 2 questions around customer segmentation?
Important Note (Optional): We are limiting this first offer to only 24 participants. If you are considering joining us, enter your information below and we can put you on the priority list to contact you when we launch.
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