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What Are You Uprising Against ?
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What Change Do You Want to Create?
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The "WHY" is the purpose, cause or belief that drives You. "Why" you do is more important than what you do and How you do. When You clearly understand Your own WHY, You can gain a greater sense of purpose within your venture and are able to contribute the best of who You are. Discover the "Why" dimension of your Mission. Narrate the "Why" dimension of your venture to others; which makes them understand you better and perhaps help them join your journey.
Why You Want to Change
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3-Word Change Message
Three words tend to be the easiest for the audience to remember, repeat, and tell others, also lends itself to a hashtag well.
3-Word Battle Cry
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Your Life Expression Book with Timing Information for 2019:
Acquire Your Life Expression Book with Annual Timing Information after due Qualification and full-filling all the Terms & Conditions. The Timing for Your Idea, initiatives, Brand, Business will be published in Your Life Expression Book for 12-months period.

Use the Natural timing information to evolve Your Idea, Launch New Product, Launch New Marketing Campaign. The Timing Information is different for each Idea, Initiative, Brand and/or Business.

Note: Expression Book III is for Idea, Initiatives, Brand and Business.
Terms & Conditions apply.

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