Executive Training on Data Analysis with Stata 16 SE/MP: Application Form 2020
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1. Introduction
RET has prepared a professional Stata course on data analysis with Stata. Stata is a general-purpose statistical software package created in 1985 by StataCorp. It is used by many businesses and academic institutions around the world. Most of its users work in research, especially in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, biomedicine, and epidemiology. Stata's capabilities include data management, statistical analysis, graphics, simulations, and custom programming. Stata statistical software provides everything you need for data science and inference–data manipulation, exploration, visualization, statistics, reporting, and predictability.

2. Training Objective:
The goal of the workshop is to equip the participants with relevant knowledge and skills to manage and analyze projects data effectively and be able to present findings smartly in project reports (baseline, midterm, monitoring, and end-line reports)

3. Training Outcomes:
After completing this course, participants should be able:
(i) Getting Started with Stata 16, create and define project data files, understand new features of Stata 16
(ii) To understand data and variable types, create variables and coding them into a data entry file
(iii) To do data entry and mining. keying data, import data from excel, access databases and text files, Merging cases and
variables between two files
(iv) To perform data cleaning, manipulation, and transforming
(v) To export final data sets to other formats (excel, text, and SPSS)
(vi) To perform various descriptive and inferential statistics for reporting findings.
(vii) To edit and format tables, graphs and export them into Microsoft word for reporting
(viii) To purchase the product online

4. Training Methodology and Approach
The training will be participatory and full practical oriented (group works and discussions) with very limited lecturing on Power-Point. Participants will be installed with the latest TRIAL version of Stata 16 SE/MP to work in handover practical exercise with trainers

5. Workshop Organization and duration
The training will be held for 3.5 days in the following dates;

(1) From 17- 20 August 2020, Full-time class from 08:30 to 16:00 every day at Mlimani Tower - Dar es Salaam
(2) To be scheduled, Full-time classes 08:30 to 16:00 every day at Dodoma. We are collecting opinions

The Training(s) will be facilitated by a highly experienced research expert and consultant from RESEARCH EXPERTS (T) LIMITED, Mr. Andrew Kagwa (0787-348005) who is the founder and Director of the firm. His CV attached here https://tz.linkedin.com/in/andrewrkagwa

6. Targeted Applicants and Entry Qualifications
• Researchers in different fields, Managers in various fields, in private and public organizations, Statisticians, Planning Officers, Monitoring and Evaluations Officers, Records Managers, Lecturers from Higher Learning Institutions, Staff from Government Ministries, Local Government Authorities, Regulatory Authorities, Agencies and Parastatals Organizations.
• Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Ph.D. students
• The above applicants should have basic computer knowledge especially on Microsoft windows (folder and files management), excel and background in statistics or mathematics will be added advantage

7. Training Fees.
(1) For Cohort 1 - (Dar) - Participation fee is TZS 500,000/=
(2) For Cohort 2 - (Dodoma) - Participation fee is TZS 500,000/=

The fee will cover the installation of the Trial version of STATA 16 MP/SE Software, facilitation fee, learning materials, refreshments and certificates, and lunch.
If you need an invitation letter contact us via mobile number 0675 523177 or 0787 348005, email: info@researchexperts.co.tz. To enroll for the course, click on the button "FILL OUT FORM" below

8: Payment Methods
(1) Cash deposit via CRDB bank Pay to “RESEARCH EXPERTS OF TANZANIA” Account No. 0150396237500; CRDB at any
branch-Tanzania before the commencement of the course.
(2) Use Mpesa to send money directly to our account: Fuata hatua hizi hapa
• Fungua mpesa yako *150*00#
• Chagua namba 6 Huduma za kifedha
• Chagua namba 2 M-pesa kwenda Bank
• Chagua namba 1 CRDB
• Chagua namba 1 Weka namba ya akaunti
• Ingiza namba ya malipo: 0150396237500 ambayo ni akaunti yetu
• Weka kiasi cha fedha (Tizama ada zetu hapo juu)
• Weka namba yako ya siri
• Bonyeza 1 kukubali muamala wako
• Tuma ujumbe wa uthibitisho wa malipo yako kwenda 0787348005 au 0767348005

9. Evaluation feedback
You can evaluate us for any previous course you attended here https://goo.gl/forms/RBpjNzhIyo2hZB2i1
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