Re-opening Annex Chess Club - Survey
BACKGROUND. After several months of club inactivity and no foreseeable safe COVID re-opening in the small downstairs rooms available at 459A Bloor West, we have discontinued our lease there.

We are now exploring a possible January re-opening of Annex Chess Club (ACC) in the larger open space in the Great Hall at 918 Bathurst Street (our old location).

We would like to hear from you!
MEMBERSHIP STATUS. What is your relationship with ACC? *
GENERAL INTEREST IN OTB PLAY. If ACC is permitted to re-open with members adhering to various required COVID protocols, would you be interested in playing over-the-board chess again? *
SUPPORT FOR RE-OPENING. We have the opportunity to re-open ACC in the Great Hall at 918 Bathurst in 2021. We need to make a decision whether or not to go forward with the plan. *
PERSONAL RISK. How would you describe your situation towards COVID? *
OTHER. Please provide any additional information or opinions that could be helpful to us
EMAIL. If you would like to receive updates about our re-opening and other ACC news, please provide your email address
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