Event registration - Battle of the Bands WGC
Event Timing: Thursday, April 30 2020 - evening
Event Address: Ægisgarður Brewery in Reykjavik
Contact us at ann1@slb.com or atli@axlaw.is

Now is the time to register your group for WING’s first-ever Battle of the (Geothermal) Bands using the form below. Please remember:

We can support you in Iceland with musicians, instruments and sound gear (thanks to Atli and Black Box). This registration process will help us provide what you need for a fantastic performance!
You have the opportunity to offer your skills to other groups that might need certain instrumental or vocal support.
To enable this international musical mash-up, we may need to share your contact information with other musicians. Registrants seeking support from or offering support to other musicians hereby agree that the Battle of the Bands organizers may share your contact details and information about the music you will play with other musicians.

Wondering how many songs or instrumental pieces to play? Good question! Answer: obviously at least one! But think about 2 or 3, and possibly more (probably no more than 6, depending on their length and how many people participate in this momentous event).

Let’s go!
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