Staying Healthy – A Balanced Lifestyle for Teachers
EurECA 2020 International Conference for Christian Educators

Pentecost Weekend, 28th - 31st May, 2020
at the Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences
Instytutska St, 14, Bucha, Kyivs'ka oblast,
08292 – Ukraine Phone: +380 97 818 1337

Keynote Speakers: Graham Coyle and Agnieszka Crozier


(If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Liviu Caprar at
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Plenary sessions and workshops will be in English, with translation into Ukrainian for all plenary sessions and most workshops. If you need translation into another language, we advise you to come with a friend who can serve as translator
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Please choose one option according to your choice. THE AMOUNT COVERS FULL BOARD PLUS YOUR CONFERENCE FEE, starting with Thursday dinner until Sunday lunch. Prices are for EARLY REGISTRATIONS made by 1st APRIL. For registrations after 1st APRIL, the cost will be €20 more. "Irpin Conference Center" is a hotel accommodation nearby (with transport between the hotel and the Institute, which is located in Bucha). Participants who are staying in the hotel will pay the full package. Extra days or other services will require additional cost
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If you have information about your approximate time of arrival, please give details. If you don’t know yet, please tell us as soon as possible. For better rates, be sure to book your flight as early as possible and IF YOU NEED A VISA, we will help you to get started as soon as you can. The Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences is located in Bucha, (North-West of the city of Kyiv), at about 33 km from Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) and at about 65 km from Boryspil Kyiv Airport. We will organize one shuttle bus from each airport to the conference center. The departure on Thursday will be at 16:00 hrs and the departure on Sunday will be at 11:30 hrs. It is possible to book extra nights before and after the conference. However, we need to know this by 30th APRIL
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Please choose how you wish to pay for the conference fees (including ESF donation). It is helpful to us if you can pay in advance. Details about EurECA bank accounts are in the conference brochure. After your online registration, we will send you a bill with all the important information, according to the accommodation options, extra days and other services you requested. The payment can be made as of 10th JANUARY, 2020
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We will use all given information about the applicant only for things concerning the conference. Are you willing for us to list your name, address and e-mail address on the participant list, for other participants?
I would like to apply for support through the EurECA Support Fund as I cannot attend otherwise
If you know already the needed amount, please place your request here. If not, please contact Liviu Caprar <> and let him know what you would need. He will collect all applications UNTIL 31st JANUARY, 2020. We will let you know by 15th February, whether we are able to provide financial support and the exact amount
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If you have any remarks for the Conference Committee, please write them down here. Details about transport and excursions will follow closer to the conference
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