Irradiation Request Form AGORFIRM
Welcome to the request form for irradiation at KVI-CART. In order to process your request, we need the following specifications:

- Particle type
- Energy:
> 10-184 MeV for protons: max: 90 MeV/u for ¹²C, alpha
> 30 MeV/amu 20Ne, 40Ar, 84Kr or 124Xe
- Flux: max 10⁹ protons per cm² per second, 10-10⁴ or 10-10⁵ heavy ions per cm² per second
- Field shape and size
- Field homogeneity
- Whether Spread Out Bragg Peak is needed (protons or Carbon only)
- Sample description
- Irradiation plan
- Preferred date

For more information, please contact KVI-CART irradidations liaison Dr. M.J. van Goethem at

More information about available beams and equipment can be found at
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