Finding Research
Use the online Psychological Research resources Psychology Today or Psych Central and find an article about a topic that interests you about a psychological research study. Use the article you found to answer the questions below.

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1. Write down the citation for the article. The citation should be at the bottom of the article or you can use the website as a guide to help you write the formal citation. The citation needs to bein proper MLA format. *
2. Summarize the experiment being conducted. a. What was the psychologist trying to test? *
b. Record what the psychologist’s hypothesis was (if given). *
c. What method(s) did the psychologist use to collect data? *
d. What were the results of the experiment? Did the results turn out how the psychologists thought? Why or why not? *
3. Was this experiment a Basic, Applied, or Evaluative study? Explain *
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