TERRA Gaming Network: [RUST] Staff Application
Complete this form to the best of your ability.
Answer all questions as accurately as possible.
Try to not leave any questions blank or unanswered.
Do not lie on this application, if it is determined you are lying, you will be subject to punishment.


You can retrieve a Steam Profile URL by right clicking on it in Steam (Copy Page URL) or by copying the URL of the profile page in a browser.

You can retrieve your total playtime on a TERRA Rust server by typing /playtime in chat.

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Why do you want to become Staff?
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Are there any particular reasons you would be a good candidate for our Staff team?
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In order to be hired as a volunteer Staff member of the TERRA Gaming Network, YOU MUST MEMORIZE our RULES and General INFORMATION (/info in-game).

In order to UPDATE YOURSELF BEFORE you are verbally interviewed (you WILL BE TESTED), you should thoroughly study the /INFO on whatever [Rust] server you are wishing to become staff on.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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