Music Program Discernment Survey
Instructions: Please complete this survey to the best of your ability. Not all answers are required, but we would encourage you to provide as much information as possible. This survey will close Sunday, February 28th at 11:59 pm. The Music Discernment committee will share the data from this survey in a timely manner.
1. How satisfied were you with the music program at FHC pre-COVID? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
2. How satisfied are you with the music program during COVID and remote worship? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
3. What role does music play in worship for you?
4. How important is congregational participation in the music during worship? *
Minimally important
Very important
5. What works well in the FHC music program?
6. How could the FHC Music Program be improved?
7. What could there be less of in the music program of FHC?
8. What would you like to see more of in the music program at FHC?
9. What genres are important to you? (Check all that apply) *
10. How have you or anyone in your family been involved in the music program at FHC? (Check all that apply) *
10A. If a participant, what drew you/your child(ren) to participation in the music program?
10B. If not a participant, what discouraged you from participation?
11. How well does the music program at FHC embody a stance of equity and inclusivity? *
Not well
Very well
12. How does/can the music program build the beloved community?
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