Girls Rock Roanoke - Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Girls Rock! Roanoke. We need reliable, dedicated and enthusiastic people like YOU for our camp to succeed. Thank you for offering your time, skills and positive energy!

Before and during Girls Rock camp there are many important volunteer positions that need to be filled. Most of these positions do not require musical ability, and many are open to people of any gender identity. All prospective volunteers must go through our review process and attend information sessions and trainings in order to volunteer. Those working directly with youth must also undergo a criminal/background check, according to Virginia law.

Please submit your volunteer application early. While we will accept volunteer applications on a rolling basis, those wishing to volunteer DURING Rock camp (July 11-15 and July 18-22, 2015), must submit their application no later than May 15, 2015.

People volunteering during the week of camp will be required to attend a mandatory orientation and planning meeting prior to camp week. Date TBA.



We need lots of help to make Girls Rock camp happen. However, we have a limited number of spaces for certain positions including band manager, instrument instructor and workshop leader. If you are interested in one of these jobs PLEASE APPLY EARLY!

Girls Rock Roanoke does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, body type, physical ability, gender expression, or other individual identities in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarships, and other camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer policies and activities. All camp activities will promote and maintain the personal and emotional safety of all campers and staff.

Girls Rock Roanoke welcomes individuals who identify as female (regardless of the sex assigned them at birth) and individuals who were raised/socialized as female (regardless of current gender identity) to apply for leadership positions within the organization. Individuals of any gender may apply for non-leadership positions. Please see the Volunteer Position Descriptions section for a list of these positions and their responsibilities and expectations.

A special note to male-identified volunteers: Girls Rock Roanoke is primarily led by and for women and girls. We also value diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity toward all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression. The organization welcomes the support of male-identified allies and expects male-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women. (Thank you to Girls Rock! DC for developing and sharing this policy.)


Band Managers

This is one of the most rewarding volunteer positions at Girls Rock Roanoke camp! This full-time role includes facilitating the creative process with a group of four to five girls that form one band. Band Managers work closely with their band, helping campers write, practice, and perform a song at the final Showcase. Band Managers assist campers with everything from plugging in to singing in tune, from the early songwriting stages to their final dress rehearsal. It is preferred that band managers have basic gear experience (plugging in instruments, tuning, amp settings, etc.) and a music background, but it is NOT required. Together with other camp counselors, Band Managers also provide advice and support to campers that are dealing with low self-esteem, personal and interpersonal issues. Previous experience working with children is a plus.

Teen Mentors

There are a limited number of these positions for girls ages 16-18 (at the time of camp) who are interested in gaining leadership and collaboration skills while mentoring younger girls. Teen mentors support band managers and assistants, help lead activities and provide lots of encouragement to campers. This is a great opportunity for mature teens. Music experience is not necessary but is a plus. This position requires one week of full-time volunteering at Girls Rock camp, week one, July 6-10 (there are no teen mentors during camp week two).

Instrument Teachers

There are 6 instruments taught at camp: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, ukuelele & vocals. Instrument Teachers should have basic proficiency in at least one of these instruments and have a broad enough knowledge base to be able to break down fundamentals in a language relevant to campers ages 8-16. Remember that the skill level of our campers will vary – some have been taking lessons for years while some may have no experience at all. This is a great opportunity to share your love of music and your awesome skills with young girls. Previous experience being in a band or working with children is a plus. Hours for these positions have some flexibility.

Workshop Leaders

Do you have an area of expertise to share? Consider leading a workshop for our campers. Workshops are specialized classes that last 1- 1.5 hours. Workshop topics might include: gender roles & sexism, media literacy, girls and women in music history, careers in music, financial literacy, body confidence, building positive relationships, social justice education, self-defense, stage presence, songwriting, tech-talk, DJing, audio-recording, screen printing, DIY clothes, zine-making, button-making, poster and flyer-making, and MORE. We are interested in your ideas! Please contact us if you want to be involved.


We’re looking for women musicians, singers, bands, spoken word artists, and DJs who can perform for campers. Join us for our lunch hour and inspire our young rockers!

Boys Rock for Girls Rock
Boys Rock for Girls Rock (BRGR) provides an opportunity for male-identified folks to support girls and women who want to rock! BRGR helps with fundraising, serves as a fan club, and provides support with planning, gear, logistics, recruiting, etc… Contact us for more info.

Year Round Programming and Events

Other Volunteer Positions

In addition to the roles listed above, we have a number of other volunteer positions available. We need help with the following: preparing workshop materials, gear coordinator, setting up and breaking down instruments (Roadies!), organizing our lunch time performances, organizing our volunteer staff, procuring and organizing food and drinks for our camp staff, posting flyers, producing a Rockin’ Camp Guide for campers, putting together our Camp zine, putting together camper Swag Bags, photographer and videographer, website development, staffing our final Showcase performance, fundraising, and marketing. We could also use assistance running errands and completing basic administrative tasks.

We also welcome new ideas! If you know a role you can play to support Girls Rock Roanoke that isn’t mentioned here, please let us know! We welcome your participation!
1) Complete and Submit the online Application Form
2) Print and fill out the Background Check Form, & have it notarized
3) Mail Background Check Form and Criminal Check Form to Girls Rock Roanoke, PO Box 4242, Roanoke, VA 24015

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