This form should be submitted as early in the process as possible.

The approval procedure for proposals should start at initiation of a bid rather than taking place directly prior to submission. The form should be completed if you are the PI on a grant, or a Co-I on an external led grant.

Investigators are strongly encouraged to complete a PIF prior to writing a Case for Support. This will allow any issues to be ironed out at an early phase and for specialist support to be offered if required.

PIFs are required for submission of all research proposals including all proposals for research grants, framework contracts and strategic partnership arrangements with sponsors of research, EoIs, outlines and 1st stage proposals if the level of commitment will make it difficult for SoG to decline to bid at the 2nd stage.

Please note that the FRO is unable to process your application, including the budget, until the completed PIF has been approved by the DoRI. It is your responsibility to ensure that the PIF is completed in good time prior to the submission date.

In line with the Faculty’s research strategy, grant applications where the PIF process is initiated as late as one week before a deadline, will only be allowed to progress with permission from the DoRI. For this to happen, the case needs to be strong and the FRO must be capable of handling the application.

The completed PIF will be distributed to:

Cluster/theme leader(s) to inform them that the grant application is planned, and to enable them to consider whether any support could be provided to aid the application.
DoRI to ensure that a satisfactory case has been made for the project.
Faculty Research Office (FRO) to prepare the budget and seek any formal approvals prior to submission.
Named internal reviewers
Further distribution to HoS, HR Administrator, Laboratory Manager and Faculty IT manager where appropriate.

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Please contact should you need assistance completing the form.
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