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Colorado’s quality of our ingredients depends on healthy land, sustainable farms, and a reliable supply of clean water. And pure water is key to our famous beers and award-winning wine and spirits.These lands and resources are incredibly important to our health, to our way of life, and to our economy.
The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance believes that we must be smart about the needs of communities in considering nrgy development. We must ensure that fracking, drilling, and oil and gas activity does not harm our farms and ranchland or our water. And we must meet the crisis posed by climate change, which is primarily being driven by developing, transporting and burning fossil fuels.

Land agencies and oil and gas industry regulators must prioritize the protection of our healthy lands and water supplies, and the public’s health and safety. Addressing the climate crisis must be central to any public lands and to all oil and gas development decisions. Public officials should work to support a just transition away from fossil fuels, to support the shift away from oil and gas, and to contain its further expansion.
The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance supports policies which protect public lands and watersheds, that ensure the strongest level of protection for these and other critical community resources whenever proposals for oil and gas development are considered, and that work to shift our energy system and economy away from fossil fuels. And we oppose policies that work counter to those goals.

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Healthy lands and clean water protect Colorado’s farms, food and drink.
I agree with the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance that protecting our farms and food security should be a priority in land use decisions and when considering oil and gas and other energy development proposals.
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