Chappaqua School Foundation Grant Application Part 1

This part of the Grant Application allows the Grants Committee to know your possible intention to submit a full grant application (Part 2) in January 2020. Part 1 is intended to help applicants begin thinking about the grant application process and to be paired with a member of the Grants Committee who will assist the applicant in navigating the process. Part 1 will also allow CCSD administrators to identify any potential issues with a grant idea (District curricular goals, implementation feasibility, health and safety concerns, etc.) so that these can be assessed before significant time and effort is put into the completion of the full Part 2 application. Part 1 must be completed by all applicants for a traditional CSF grant (all requests in excess of $2500 or which require significant development or implementation effort). We understand that your grant Ideas or plans may be in preliminary stages or not otherwise fully developed, please answer the questions below completely to the best of your ability. No other permission or signatures are needed to complete Part 1 of the application. Part 1 must be submitted by November 15 in order to be eligible to file a full grant application in January, 2020. All persons submitting a Part 1 application will be notified on or about December 6, 2019 whether or not their grant will be proceeding to Part 2.

To be eligible to move on to Part 2, an idea must be able to meet CSF Traditional Grant criteria, which can be found here: Please note that because CSF has funded many innovative classroom design grants, CSF and CCSD have agreed that future full scale individual classroom redesigns will not be funded through CSF grants. If you have an innovative idea for a specific area of your classroom you may pursue that concept through our InstaGrant process.
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Email Address
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Grade or Department
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Please identify any other individuals who will be involved in the development or implementation of this grant proposal
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Please briefly describe your idea for a grant
In a few sentences, please describe the main idea for your proposal. This description can be basic and still have areas for further development but should allow us to understand how this grant will impact students. Where possible, please indicate how you think this idea aligns with District curricular goals.
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With whom in your building or the district administration do you expect to consult in the development of your grant application
The Grants Committee would like to know who you think will be needed to effectively implement this grant. The Grants Committee would like to help you identify resources within or outside of the district that may be helpful in the development of your grant application. Where appropriate or necessary, your Grants Committee representative can work with you to facilitate access to these resources.
Grant Development or Implementation Support
One purpose of Part 1 is to identify what types of support will be needed to develop or to implement your grant proposal. We are hoping to identify all areas of potential required support so that they can be fully budgeted for and in place so as not to delay the ability of the grant to impact students.
Is there any other way the Grants Committee can help you with the development of your grant and the completion of Part Two of the grant application?
Once Part 1 is submitted, you will be assigned a Grants Committee representative to work with you in the Part 2 application process. By engaging with you earlier in the process, we hope to be able to facilitate the success of your grant application and to avoid last minute follow up questions during the Grant Application review process.
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