We survived DEFCON 28 CTF Quals and so did you (we hope)!
It was a pleasure zoooming with you! In these trying times, we all rely on the memes, flags, and pistachio enthusiasts of our community. Thank you for being you!

We do this out of love. We don't get paid for it, and it doesn't factor into our careers. But we love CTF, and we hope that we are helping spread that passion beyond our little corners of the world. It is an honor and a privilege to host this game for you.

We are always looking to improve the competition and make an event that is fun, educational, and challenging. To this end, we would appreciate your input about our event, what you liked, what you did not like, and etc.

We'll read it when we sleep for a week straight!

All questions are optional, but we would love as much input as you are willing to give.
Are you filling out this survey on behalf of yourself individually or on behalf of your whole team?
How many people were on your team?
We'd like to understand the size of modern CTF teams to better design our events.
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