City of Watertown Fire Department
Dear Homeowner or Business Owner:

We regret that you recently experienced a need for services from the fire department, but we are glad to have been of service to you. Could you please, assist the fire department in evaluating our service by completing this voluntary after-incident survey form? Your responses are completely anonymous unless you choose to provide your identity. Your opinion will be used to evaluate and refine our service to the community.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.


Dale C. Herman, EFO, Fire Chief

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After Incident Survey
Based upon your interactions with the City of Watertown Fire Department during your most recent emergency incident, please answer the following questions.
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Overall satisfaction with the service provided by the fire department
Timeliness of the fire department's response to your emergency
Concern that fire department personnel expressed for your problem
Condition the scene was left in, considering the circumstances
Communication with fire personnel
Professionalism/ Skill demonstrated by fire personnel
Courtesy of fire personnel
Appearance of fire personnel
Did the firefighters give you helpful advice?
Could we have done more to help you?
Did the fire department provide a referral to another agency to assist you? (i.e. The American Red Cross)
Do you need a smoke detector/ alarm?
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