Solon Stampede 2022 Tryout Registration
Thank you for your interest in Solon Stampede Baseball. This registration for allows us to collect the necessary information to prepare for tryouts for our teams at the 8U - 14U levels. Solon Stampede is a tryout-based organization, with a goal of developing youth baseball players to succeed at the High School level and beyond. A $200 deposit will be required within two weeks of rosters being posted.

Once a player commits to membership on a Stampede Baseball team, the team is shaped accordingly and in reliance on that player's participation. A player's withdrawal from the team causes a hardship on all other team members as well as the coaches. In some instances, a player's withdrawal can even prohibit the team from competing. Accordingly, it is the policy of Stampede Baseball that player fees are non-refundable, except in the case of extenuating circumstances, as described below.

A withdrawing player’s parents may petition the Board to determine whether there are extenuating circumstances surrounding withdrawal from the program. If extenuating circumstances are found, the player fees paid (or due) may be refunded (or credited) in whole or in part, at the discretion of the Board. Generally speaking, extenuating circumstances may be found when an unforeseen event that is beyond the control of the player prohibits further participation. Example situations that may constitute extenuating circumstances include a player's serious illness, a family's move out of the area, or a significant family tragedy. In a case of extenuating circumstances, the Board will determine in its sole discretion the amount of the refund allowable based upon factors such as, how far into the season the withdrawal occurs, the effect on the team's ability to compete, costs incurred to date and other facts and circumstances surrounding the situation.

Uniforms are customized and/or fitted for each player, and they are the property of each player who completes the season on a team roster. Once ordered (typically by Nov 1) those costs are non-refundable (if paid) or due to the program (if not paid) regardless of the extenuating circumstances under petition. In the event a replacement player can be found, the uniform may be sold to the replacement player to recover the amounts paid, but only if accepted by the replacement player, at their sole discretion. All of a withdrawing player's uniforms must be returned to Stampede Baseball, unless the Board determines, in its sole discretion based on the extenuating circumstances of the withdrawal, whether the uniforms may be retained by the withdrawing player.

In the unfortunate event that a withdrawal forces a team to be unable to compete, the team will be liquidated. Reasonable efforts will be made to recover any amounts paid to tournaments, leagues, and all costs incurred will be paid. Any excess funds remaining or any deficient funds required will be shared equally by all team members, including the withdrawing player.

Your submission of this registration form is agreement upon the above terms and conditions.
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