Adat Ari El Day School Governing Board Committee Interest Form
Serving as a Board member of The Trana and Ronald Labowe Family Day School is one of the most challenging and rewarding volunteer opportunities at the school. While election to the Board is an honor, Governing Board Members have important legal and fiduciary responsibilities that require a commitment of time, skill, and resources. Consistent with its core values, Board Members are expected to meet the following requirements:

- Embracing the Adat Ari El Day School mission and striving to further the mission.
- Placing Adat Ari El Day School’s purposes and interests above their personal and professional interests when making decisions as a board member.
- Devoting a minimum of 6 to 8 hours per month, inclusive of Board and committee meetings.
- Making Adat Ari El Day School a top philanthropic priority with their family, and providing a significant gift to the school, consistent with their means.
- Utilizing their own reputation and leadership skills to cultivate new friends, supporters, and allies of the school.

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What is your relationship to Adat Ari El Day School (e.g.,parent, alumni parent, community member)
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What skills do you bring that will be valuable to the Adat Ari El Day School Governing Board?
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Please describe the volunteer work you have previously done for Adat Ari El (synagogue or schools).
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Are you currently involved in any other volunteer and/or community activities? If so, please describe:
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Have you ever served on a Board or Board committee of another organization? If so, please name the organization, length of involvement, committee work, and accomplishments.
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Which of the committees are you most interested in serving? (Check all that apply)
What aspirations do you have for yourself and for the school that you hope to achieve by serving on the Adat Ari El Day School Governing Board?
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Please share any additional information about yourself that would help us to understand your interest in joining the Adat Ari El Day School Governing Board.
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