2019 EADF 第六屆東亞民主論壇報名表


"Combating Authoritarian Influence"
Democracy is under serious attacks by authoritarian influence. Since 2017, the concept of “sharp power” has been highlighted and has raised global awareness of the impact of authoritarian regimes. Authoritarian regimes have been suppressing freedom of speech, spreading disinformation, and exercising censorship around the globe. With the help of technology, the power of authoritarian governments is able to penetrate democracies by polarizing the society and stirring up conflicts, which in turn makes people lose confidence in the democratic institutions. Authoritarian regimes are not only undermining democracies; through financial backing and collaborative projects, they are also encouraging, either actively or as a consequence of unconditional aids, the leaders of vulnerable democracies to learn from and apply the tactics of the authoritarian regimes and carry on the illiberal practices.

Addressing the challenges of increasing authoritarian influence, the 6th East Asia Democracy Forum will focus on exposing how authoritarian regimes infringe on democracy and what actions should democracies take. The Forum will introduce authoritarian operations of manufacturing disinformation though social media and collection of personal data. Also, the EADF will discuss how authoritarian regimes intend to reshape the region by exporting their norms and ruling model. Through dialogues and exchanges of ideas, democracy advocates and activists in Asia will be able to acquire and equip themselves with more knowledge to defend democracy and strengthen the network of like-minded friends.

日期:2019年6月26日 (星期三)
Date : June 26, 2019 (Wednesday)

時間:09:00 – 12:00 (請於09:00 - 09:30間完成報到)
Time : 09:00 – 12:00 (Registration is between 09:00- 09:30)

地點: 台北福華大飯店地下二樓宴會廳(台北市仁愛路三段160號)
Venue :The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei B2 Banquet Hall(No.160, Ren Ai Rd., Sec.3, Taipei, Taiwan)

Host organization : Taiwan Foundation for Democracy


★注意事項 Note
1.報名截止日期: 6月20日(星期四)。Registration will be closed on June 20 (Thursday).
2.會議全程以英文進行。This Forum will be conducted in English.
3.請著整齊服裝入場。Dress Code: Smart casual.
4.本會將保留與會者資格審核權利,將於報名後一周內email回覆確認是否報名成功,活動前三天前再以email通知,若不克前來,請務必於活動三天前提前告知,以避免資源浪費 。
The Foundation reserves the rights to review the qualification of participants. After reviewing, the eligible participants will receive a registration confirmation email within one week, and receive email three days before the Forum. If you are unable to attend the EADF, please do inform us three days before the Forum to avoid waste of resources.
5. 聯絡方式:王先生 (02)2708-0100#614 email: registration@tfd.org.tw
For all inquiries, please contact Mr. Wang at (02)2708-0100#614; email: registration@tfd.org.tw

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