Volunteer application Urkult 2018
Without volunteers there would be no Urkult! Every year about 600 volunteers works together to create the festival. In exchange to a festivalticket, some food and campsite (on the camping for volunteers) you work 12 hours, or more if you like, during the festival. The hours are usually divided in 2-3 shifts.

Every volunteer will be placed in a workgroup, for example the "recycling group", "entrance group" or "pancake group". Every group has one person (or sometimes two) in charge. When the work schedule is set the person in charge of your group (or the volunteer co-ordinator) will send the schedule to you by e-mail, along with other information. Many of the groups has an introduction meeting for all their volunteers before the festival starts (often on thursday, some groups earlier), if so there will be information about time and place for the meeting as well in the e-mail. We require that you are entirely sober during your shifts.

If you have any questions send an e-mail to volontar@urkult.se !

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Naturcampingen is our camping for volunteers. Military tents are now full, you need to bring your own tent! Read more at our website http://www.urkult.se/camping-logi/
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