Manipal Covid Challenge
* Organized by the Kasturba Medical College and the Innovation Center MAHE

All interactions and discussions between students, mentors and advisors will be held via web conferencing.

Problem Statements:
Problems have been identified by KMC faculty and solutions need to be implementable at KMC Manipal and KMC Mangaluru.
Please go over the document for details about the various Problem statements:

* Interdisciplinary Teams of 3-5 students and faculty;
* At least one KMC Manipal or KMC Mangaluru student or faculty is required on all teams;
* Recommending at least one faculty must be part of each team;

Phase I: Ideation
* Register and submit your YouTube Video presentation link. Deadline: Monday May 18, 2020 to
* Video Presentations will be evaluated on following criteria:
1. Creative Solution
2. Demonstrates a working prototype
3. Specific plan for deploying the product
4. Plans for commercialization
5. Plans for deployment in KMC Manipal and KMC Mangaluru.

Video Duration: 3 minutes; can be a PPT presentation with a voice over; must show working model.

Phase II: Deployment
* Deadline: ~ June, 2020 (To be determined based on MAHE schedule for students);
* Criteria:
1. An advanced iteration of product and pilot deployment is done;
2. Preliminary validation is completed;
3. Specific plan for deployment/implementation at KMC Manipal and KMC Mangaluru.

* All costs related to prototyping and development will be reimbursed.
* Additional cash prizes will be provided.

For Phase I: Please submit your YouTube Video presentation link by the Deadline: Friday May 18, 2020

For Phase II: Submit your advanced prototype by the end of July 2020 - To be determined

For queries:
Instagram: arunshanbhag

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