Aetherwatch Society Application

The first part of the application is considered 'In-Game', meaning all information gathered will be known by the leadership of Aetherwatch Society. The second part of the application is Out-of-Character. 
After you submit your application, please contact Emeline Tousart at Aster#0204 on discord to send a picture of the character you are applying on. 
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PART ONE: Name: ((IC)) *
Preferred Pronouns, Race, Age, & Country of Origin  ((IC)) *
Please list your skillset, professions, and previous employment.  ((IC)) *
Do you have a jobstone? If so, what is your class? *
What are your motivations to join the Aetherwatch Society?  ((IC))
How well do you work with teammates? Please give examples. ((IC))
What role(s) do you see yourself in?  For example: Healing / Aetherical / Recon-Intel / Social / Casual / Survival / Tech / Combat Heavy / Combat Light / No Combat
Are you under the influence of void or dark magics?
Are you seeking aid with a medical or magical issue?
If you answered yes to the above 2 questions or here any other notes you wish to add, please leave your notes here: *
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