Our Lady's College School Self Evaluation Questionnaire for Students
Please note that this questionnaire is anonymous and all responses will be treated confidentially?
I am in
There is a good atmosphere in the school
The behaviour of students is good in the school
In your opinion how/where does bad behaviour occur in the school
Your answer
My Classes begin on time
Do you feel confident in asking a teacher for help if you do not understand something in the class
Why/Why not
Your answer
Do you have opportunities to correct your own work
Do other students ever correct your work
How often do you have the opportunity to work together in pairs or in small groups
How often do you get to use computers/technology in the school
Are you aware of our Literacy Strategy "Words of the Week"
Have you been encouraged to read your answers and homework aloud in class
How often have you been encouraged to record a "Numeracy Moment" in your journal
How often have you been encouraged to calculate your own percentage for class exams
What helps you learn in the classroom
Your answer
What causes difficulty for you learning in the school
Your answer
What kind of activities help you learn best during lessons
Your answer
I have a say in how things are done in the school
How can students have more of a say of how things are done in the school
Your answer
List healthy foods/dishes that you would like to see added to the Lunchbox Menu
Your answer
Any other comments
Your answer
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