Technology and Connectivity Survey

Thank you for your support and help with getting this school year started. We appreciate everyone assisting us with putting safeguards in place to try and keep everyone safe and healthy. We need your help again. In the event it might become necessary to temporarily close school due to an outbreak of Covid-19, please answer the following questions. We want to plan and prepare to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone should this happen. If you have any questions, please call our office and we will do our best to answer your them. Please only fill out the survey one time per family.
In the case Friend School should have to temporarily shift to distance learning during this school year, do you have connectivity to the Internet at your home? *
Do you have devices available for your child/children to use in your home? *
Do they have to share their devices with others? *
Do you have other needs or concerns should we go to distance learning?
What grade level(s) is your child/children in? Please mark all that apply. *
Do you have more than one child in any grade level? If so, what grade(s)? *
Please list your student's name(s) if there is a need to check out a Chromebook should we have to move to distance learning. This will help us deploy the devices quickly should there be a need. *
Please list your student's name(s) should you need a hot spot to assist with connectivity in the event there should be a temporary closure. *
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