State of Computer Science: Philippines
Technology is everywhere. New innovations and startups are rising everyday, and modern life is dominated by it. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that every student is part of that.

The State of Computer Science survey intends to gather student views on the quality of their technology education, examining the state of computer science across the nation. The survey should take no longer than five minutes, and we highly encourage you to disseminate it to your peers and student networks; if you are interested in giving a narrative report (i.e. answering questions about your experience, letting us interview you about your complaints and positive feedback on computer science/tech/robotics classes) there is an option to do so at the end.

We welcome all current high school students and college students to answer the survey to reflect on their ongoing or past experience with computer science and technology education in high school.

Developers' Society Philippines ( is gathering data collecting student, youth, educator, and professional voices for our inaugural "State of Computer Science" report--conducted in the developing countries we operate in to better understand the climate and resources surrounding computer science in places where there are heavy accessibility gaps in tech.

*For any questions or concerns, feel free to message our President, Chiara Amisola at For more information on our organization, please visit

Name of high school:
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Type of high school I attended: *
If you are currently in college or out of school please answer the type of the high school you went to.
City, Province/State of School: *
Example: Muntinlupa, NCR or Palo, Leyte or Imus, Cavite
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Current year level: *
Current Strand or Course:
If you are a current college student, please write your course/major. If you are in high school, please write your strand (if any). Example: STEM or General Academic; or BS Computer Science or BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship
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Estimated household income (socioeconomic class):
This is optional, but very important in helping us map out socioeconomic gaps in access to computer science education. Household income refers to the cash everyone in your household is making regardless of how it is spent and who is making it (whether it's one parent or both, or you're taking care of several people, etc.).
🖥 Education
Tick the technology subjects that were offered in your school:
So far, which technology skills do you feel like you're proficient in? (For those who are not in high school, what skills did you learn in high school?)
Aside from the basic skills mentioned beforehand, are there any other more advanced skills you are familiar with?
For example, advanced web development with frameworks, game development, advanced computer science topics, etc.
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Was technology/computer science a required (core) class in your school?
I feel that my school's curriculum sufficiently covered the basics of technology and computer science.
I feel that my school encouraged and promoted technology and computer science.
I feel like my teachers were sufficiently equipped to teach my technology classes/subjects.
🖥 Access
Did your school offer opportunities to explore computer science outside of your classes? If so, tick what opportunities were offered:
Tick what you have access to at home:
Tick what you have access to at school:
I personally felt like I had access to enough resources to explore computer science.
Regardless of whether you accessed these or not--were the materials and people around you sufficient?
Most of what I know about computer science in high school is learned from my school and classes.
What barriers or problems did you encounter in getting involved with computer science classes or opportunities, if any?
Maybe it was too intimidating, or maybe there isn't enough guidance from your school. Let us know.
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🖥 Interest
I feel that I could learn a lot about technology and computer science from my high school institution.
I enjoy learning about computer science.
(If you're pursuing a tech-related course now) I feel like my high school prepared me enough for my course.
I wish my high school provided more opportunities and lessons on technology.
How would you have liked your high school to provide more opportunities and classes on tech? Feel free to elaborate.
Your answer
I feel like computer science and coding is a valuable skill.
Coding, not just technology. Please answer even if you are not a computer science or STEM student (in fact: especially if you are not one).
I feel like computer science will be relevant to my future career.
Thank you!
Your responses will help us greatly in assessing the state of computer science in the Philippines. We are going to be publishing a report by the end of 2018 containing these student views and data, as well as more narrative stories from students and info from teachers and educational institutions.

The Philippines is rapidly developing in the tech industry, and we want no student to be left behind. This report helps us put things into perspective and will benefit the entire community of students in the Philippines. Salamat!

Are you interested in sharing more thoughts about how tech and computer science was offered in your school? If so, please write your email so we can reach out to you!
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