The Smoke 2021: London's International Larp Festival – Submission of Larps
NOTE: the submission window for The Smoke 2021 has now closed – but you can still submit a larp here, and it will be considered for the festival if there are dropouts, etc.


Thank you for submitting a larp to The Smoke 2021! We need to first say that we're only accepting submissions from people who are planning to attend the festival and to run the larp themselves. You can't submit a larp for someone else to run! We understand that under the present circumstances, no-one can be sure whether they'll be able to travel or not – but anyway we want it to be that you do intend to come to the festival if you can.

Here are the details of the festival, which runs over the weekend of 8–10 January 2021:

You're welcome to submit more than one larp.

****What Larps We Are Looking for****
All kinds! We're looking for a diversity of themes, cultural backgrounds, and playstyles -- to reflect the breadth and depth of UK larping, and that of our lovely overseas visitors. We would love to show a wide range of experiences (narrative, abstract, fun, …) and backgrounds (Nordic larp, UK freeform, immersive theatre derived, …)

At the moment we are especially looking for these kind of larps (this may be changed over time, as we see what submissions we're getting):

* Easy-to-play, character-driven dramatic larps, for a flexible and large number of players (10+)

So instead of stating exactly what we want, here are the practical parameters for larps being run at The Smoke:

* Can be run in a room with minimal set dressing. We will have one black box/theatre type space.
* Runtime between two and four hours.
* Has been played or at least thoroughly playtested, by November 2020. (We understand that it's difficult now to plan playtests for new larps -- if it hasn't been played or playtested by November, then we will need to instead see a script or outline of the larp.)
* A larp that you yourself can attend the festival and run. You do not need to have designed it, as long as you have the designer’s permission.
* Require minimal preparation by the players. And be aware that, due to the nature of the festival, it should be possible for people to select to play the larp at the last minute.
* Be aware that The Smoke has a 'the door is open' policy -- players are allowed to leave larps. If a player leaving would cause problems for your larp, you will need to think about how you will deal with this. Please do contact us if you want help with thinking this through.
* Be playable in English, since this is the language of the festival.

If you aren't sure if your larp will fit, contact us on <> to discuss.

****What We Can Offer You****
First of all, being part of an amazing larp festival happening in the centre of London. Most GMs purchase a weekend ticket for the festival, at a reduced rate, enabling you to play larps in all the other slots; but you are also welcome to come along and only run your larp, for free. Your larp listing will go up on our website for the world to see. We will also take photos (with permission) that you can use to promote your larp.

A room to run your larp in. Our venue is Theatre Delicatessen Broadgate ( Most rooms are ex-office with some clear glass windows, and we will convert one of these into a rough blackbox; but we also have one performance space for blackbox larps. In addition to the room itself we can provide chairs, tables, and small speakers if needed. Any other props you will need to bring yourself.

Players for your larp. They will be allocated a few weeks before the festival, as participants choose their preferred larps to play. However there are often a few last-minute changes in players.

****Submission Process*****
Fill in this form! The deadline for submission of larps is the end of June 2020.

Enter your email address below and click next, and you'll then be taken to fill in information about yourself and the larp, and to submit the larp. If you don't have all the details to hand, that's OK: you can make a start on the form and submit it anyway, and then come back (you'll be emailed a link) to complete it later.

(Note: the data that you submit via this form will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the following purposes: to enable The Smoke to evaluate your submission; to construct the festival programme; to enable The Smoke to maintain contact with you before and during the festival; and, where noted by the individual fields below, to publicize programme items on the festival website and elsewhere. The information will be kept securely, and will be kept no longer than necessary.)
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