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Thank you so much for participating in this latest round of #DVpit (April 2019)! We've had a lot of comments about some of the rules and policies, and added a new day to the event (for artists/illustrators), so it seemed a good time to solicit feedback.

We want to continue to improve #DVpit so that it continues to serve creators from marginalized communities as well as the industry at large. If you could take a few moments to fill out the survey below to give us a better idea of how we can do that, I would really appreciate your time and opinion! (Your answers will be anonymous.)

<3 Beth

Overall, how would you rate #DVpit? *
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totally awesome best thing ever
How likely are you to recommend #DVpit to a marginalized creator? *
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i'll tell everyone
In what capacity did you participate? *
How did you hear about #DVpit? *
How do you feel about the #DVpit rules/policies? *
1 = hate it; 3 = neutral/don't care; 5 = love it; n/a = don't follow/didn't realize it was a rule
marginalized only
one day for childrens/YA; adult; art
max. 1 pitch per hour
max. 6 pitches per project
no likes unless you're an agent/editor
no retweets unless you're an editor
no policing identities
editors participate even tho they can't request
How did you feel about the added day for artists/illustrators?
Do you have suggestions/points to make about the artists' day? (This is brand new so it's still developing and comments are helpful!)
Is there anything you want to see more of in terms of resources? (This applies to any/all categories.)
Do you have any other comments to make about #DVpit in general? Anything else we should know?
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