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1. To give life to and express one's opinions openly without fear or hesitation is called ________________. *
2. It is important for a man to ________________ plan his marriage proposal, or the his significant other may feel cheated. *
Choose the correct form of the word to complete the sentence.
3. What is the root in the word RESTRICTION? *
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4. What word fits the following definition taken from dictionary.com? *
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5. If Mr. Spagna gives you a DIRECTIVE, he is giving a command for you to do something, and if you do not comply, there will most likely be consequences. What is the meaning of the root in the word DIRECTIVE? *
6. What word could be used to describe how too many words were used to fill this rectangle? *
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7. This image plays with the mind. What word could be used to refer to this picture? *
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8. The word JURISPRUDENCE has a root (JUR) that means LAW. What words below have a root that means the same thing? (Check all that apply.) *
9. Each step in this photograph shows the ________________ of the Carysfort Reef. *
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10. These women felt broken, lesser than the men who voted for issues and leaders that affected everyone, including them. What are these women who fought for change called? *
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11. Bill Gates sitting on a pirate ship while working on his laptop would be considered a(n) ________________ because he is in the wrong time period. *
12. What is the root in the word CARNAGE? *
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13. The text was REDACTED and then released later that year, making the author a New York Times best seller. *
What is the best definition for the word REDACTED?
14. What is the meaning of the word EQUABLE as used in this sentence? *
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15. What word is blacked out from this sentence? *
HINT: clever=wise
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16. When I notice that two students have the exact same response for an essay test question and they sit next to each other in class, I can make a(n) _____________ that they cheated. *
17. _______________ refers to what a word actually means, and ______________ refers to the additional meanings that a word can carry. *
18. Which of the following is not a PARODY? *
19. Which of the following would be used by a welder if he were to talk to a class of high school students who were learning to weld, but wouldn't be understood by someone who knew nothing about welding? *
20. What is this teacher trying to do? *
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21. What prefix means million? *
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22. The prefix CENTI means *
23. What is someone who is PROCHOICE? *
24. Which word means 'many similar units bonded together'? *
25. Which prefix means 'other/different'? *
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