Apply to host ADC Event
1. Before you start to host an event, you're required to meeting with Social Coordinator.
(See who is the current Social Coordinator- Link)

2. Your event must have:
     a. Event Date.
     b. Time start and end.
     c. Time to setting up and clean up.
     d. Theme
     e. Event Description
     f. Committee(s) including Assistant Chair, Decoration, Games, Clean up, and Volunteers.

3. For Admission, you can decide if your event is free or not. If you want to charge for admission, it must be 2 separate prices for non-members and members. (All money goes to ADC)

4. For Prizes, you may make request a discount on one-year membership dues for anyone who has won a single prize. (This applies to big family events only!) The request shall be made to the Executive Board for approval. The winner's name must be submitted to the Social Coordinator and Membership Coordinator.

5. For Flier, you may either create your own flier to advertise your event or send an email to Director of Public Relations- to create one for you. If you create a flyer, make sure it is square (1:1 ratio - Instagram Post). The flier must be reviewed and approved by Social Coordinator. 

6. For Bar, all ADC's event will be always open for bar. If you wish to make a request for specific drinks, please communicate with Social Coordinator in advance. (Please note that all ages under 21+ will have to leave clubhouse premise at 10:00pm to comply with Texas law. )

7. Using Clubhhouse to decorate for your prior event, you are responsible to communicate with Social Coordinator to set up the schedule and open the door for you in advance.

8. Your event can make a request up to $300 to spent. We strongly recommend you to make a request at least 1-2 months in advance for the board's approval. If your event needs more than $300, you will need to ask the members at the General Meeting for approval. You may make a request by making a motion at the General Meeting.

9. You are responsible to manage the budget for your own event. All money spent must be recorded and provide the receipt directly to either Social Coordinator and/or Clubhouse Manager. 
(Please note that all purchases/supplies are ADC's property) -- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FOR PERSONAL PURPOSES.

10. We strongly encourage you to make plans for your event 
at least 3+ months in advance.

11. Please outline any supplies that you need from ADC before meeting with with Social Coordinator and/or Clubhouse Manager.

12. We have storage bins for specific events including Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Rainbow party, New Year's Eve, and more. If you wish to borrow any items, please return them to the same location.

13. Communicate with your committee often to make plans together.

14. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in the Social Coordinator reserving the right to remove you from your position. If you wish to make an appeal, you may contact the Clubhouse Manager and the President for due process.

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