EDIY- Career Guidance and Mentorship Assessment
Dear Learner,

Congratulations on taking the first step and registering for Career Guidance and Mentorship.

At Edlytica, we aim to be your learning partners. This assessment is designed to help us get a better understanding of YOU. We believe that every person is unique and through this assessment we aim to build YOUR UNIQUE PROFILE. The insights from this assessments will be used to have meaningful conversations with you during your counselling/mentorship session.

In order to take maximum benefit from this assessment, please follow these guidelines:

1- Answer Honestly- This exercise is to help you, honesty plays an important role to achieve this objective. The test is designed in a manner that you don't have to 'think' of the perfect answer. The answers are there, you just have to select the option honestly.
2- Review the instructions carefully- Each question has it's own instructions and description.
3- Don't try to game the assessment- The purpose of this assessment is to know you better, it is not designed to judge you.

This test will take 60 minutes to complete. Please make sure that have a stable internet and a dedicated space while you are recording your answers.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate in reaching out to us through call/WhatsApp on 0321-6660466.

The results of this test shall be shared with you in your counselling/mentorship session. You will receive an email with details of the session.

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Read each statement. If you agree with the statement, tick the box titles 'True'. Tick 'False' if you don't agree with the statement or if it does not apply to you. Please remember that there are no wrong answers !! *
I like to work on cars
I like to do puzzles
I am good at working independently
I like to work in teams
I am an ambitious person, I set goals for myself
I like to organize things, ( les, desks/of ces)
I like to build things
I like to read about art and music
I like to have clear instructions to follow
I like to try to in uence or persuade people
I like to do experiments
I like to teach or train people
I like trying to help people solve their problems
I like to take care of animals
I wouldn’t mind working 8 hours per day in an of ce
I like selling things
I enjoy creative writing
I enjoy science
I am quick to take on new responsibilities
I am interested in healing people
I enjoy trying to gure out how things work
I like putting things together or assembling things
I am a creative person
I pay attention to details
I like to do ling or typing
I like to analyze things (problems/ situations)
I like to play instruments or sing
I enjoy learning about other cultures
I would like to start my own business
I like to cook
I like acting in plays
I am a practical person
I like working with numbers or charts
I like to get into discussions about issues
I am good at keeping records of my work
I like to lead
I like working outdoors
I would like to work in an of ce
I’m good at math
I like helping people
I like to draw
I like to give speeches
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