Corridor Running Circuit 2016 - CLOSED
Welcome to the Corridor Running Circuit for 2016!
* Please answer all of the questions below and your information will be added to the circuit database.
* NOTE: You must fill out this entry form completely for each race you have participated in this year. We hope to fix this in the future so you can choose multiple races. It is a work in progress :)

* AWARDS (Must be a Corridor Running Member to receive an award)
The top 3 in each age group will win awards! Last year, the winners received credit towards Corridor Running apparel.

* For all non-Corridor Running races, the circuit points are assigned as follows:
Run: 5 points
Volunteer 5 points

* For all Corridor Running races, the circuit points are assigned as follows:
Run: 10 points
Volunteer: 10 points

* To see the list of applicable races, click the link below:

* See the races you've entered, click the link below and click the drop-down filter on Column C and choose your name. Don't worry, if you accidentally put in a race twice, it won't count double.

* To add a race to the list, please e-mail
To be considered for the circuit, the race must:
1. Be in the "general" Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Corridor area (Exceptions are allowed for races that have high Corridor Running participation like Midnight Madness, Bix 7, Quad Cities Marathon, etc...)
2. Have an official distance
3. Be timed

* Any other questions/comments? Please e-mail

* Disclaimer: points, age groups, races, and other aspects of the circuit may change at the discretion of Corridor Running.

*** 2016 Standings: ***
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