Tell the KY Public Service Commission: solar works for all Kentuckians!
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Prior to 2019, rooftop solar in Kentucky was accessible and viable because of a policy known as net metering, which helped rooftop solar customers receive a one-for-one credit on their electric bills for the power they contributed to the grid.

When the legislature ended the one-for-one net metering credit earlier this year, they kicked the decision of what the new credit should be to the Kentucky Public Service Commission, the state agency that regulates our monopoly utilities.

The PSC now has a choice. They can cripple growing rooftop solar industries by allowing utilities to add large monthly fees for solar customers or by drastically cutting the credit rooftop solar customers receive. Or, they can ensure that the credit given to rooftop solar is fair and fully reflects the benefits that rooftop solar brings to a community, electricity grid, and home.

To make sure our PSC does the right thing, they’re going to need to hear from LOTS of us about all the ways that solar works, and must keep on working, for all Kentuckians.

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