Texas Thespian Troupe Director Survey
Texas Thespians will be working toward building a more comprehensive database for our current troupe directors to better serve your needs.

We know that in transitional periods of relocating, reinstating and reinventing Troupes on your campus, gaps in communication happen.

We want to make sure we understand your needs a Troupe Director and gain further insight to your Troupe's involvement.

Also, several schools that were once registered troupes have changed leadership names and emails so we would like to update that information.

*The more we know, the better we can serve!
Troupe Director Name
Years Served as Troupe Director
Please enter the TOTAL number of years you have been involved with a Thespian Troupe
Troupe Number
Enter "Unknown" if you are looking to register a troupe
Troupe Director Email
Troupe Director Contact Number
Technical or Assistant Director's Name
Please enter all of your assistant/TD's so that way they are informed as well! Enter "NONE" if your are a Solo Director.
Technical or Assistant Director's Email
Technical or Assistant Director Contact Number
School Name
Please enter the full name of your school I.E "James E. Taylor High School" not just Taylor HS
School District
School Classification
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Troupe Size
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Texas Thespian Festival Attendance
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What can Thespians do for you?
Please feel free to comment, suggest, or ask anything! We are here to serve you and your students!
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