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We ask that you be specific in regards to the phenomena occurring at your location. If you are under the age of 18-years-old, we ask that your legal guardian contact us as well. Please note that we only accept requests from the people directly involved and those living at the location.

There are many factors to be considered when taking on a private residence research project. Please understand that by filling out a research request, it doesn’t automatically mean that the SDPRS team will decide to take on your case.

Furthermore, we DO NOT take on cases of alleged negative or malevolent activity. If you feel that you are being afflicted by a negative force, we ask that you contact your clergy member of choice. We uphold confidentiality at all times and WE NEVER CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES!!!

Please be informed that many other questions will be asked during the client interview, as this assists us in gaining more knowledge of what may be occurring on your property. Please understand that all information from the client interview and investigation(s) will remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL between client and SDPRS. Paranormal investigation may or may not lead to an increase in activity post-investigation. We uphold our values of respect and professionalism, which do help in reducing the possibility. However, since the paranormal is not an exact science, we cannot guarantee that you will or will not have any changes and/or increases in activity after the investigation is completed. It is for this reason that we have all clients sign a liability waiver, which addresses the aforementioned situation, prior to the start of the investigation. In addition, our team is comprised of people who have full-time jobs and other commitments. Thus, our work with SDPRS is voluntary. Please be patient, as it may take us a few days to respond to your request.

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Have You or Anyone Else Living at the Location Experienced Paranormal Phenomena at Other Times in Your Life? If So, Please Explain.
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Has Anyone at the Location Experienced a Death in the Family or the Passing of a Close Friend? If So, Has the Reported Activity Commenced Before or After? *
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