Conference on Diversity in Engineering
Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE)
November 9th-12th, 2018
Toronto, ON
Application Deadline: Friday, September 28th at 5:30pm

CDE aims to encourage discussion and collaboration between engineering students and professionals around the theme of diversity in engineering. Previously known as the National Conference on Women in Engineering (NCWIE), CDE aims to develop knowledge surrounding the variety of individuals, cultures and perspectives found within engineering communities. CDE further aims to instill a notion of positivity and togetherness in creating spaces that value the differences between groups of engineering students and professionals. Delegates will not only leave the conference with a solid understanding of the issues minorities encounter in the engineering profession, but they will also be equipped to appropriately address these issues to create a more inclusive and thriving community.
Students attending CDE will have the opportunity to meet and hear from successful, interesting, and talented speakers prepared to share their experience and knowledge on how to embrace diversity in order to better address the complex, interdisciplinary problems of society. This conference is held in November and CDE 2018 is being hosted by Ryerson University and will be held from November 9-12 in Toronto, ON
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Why are you interested in attending CDE? Why do you feel you would be a good ambassador for the Engineering students at the U of M? Do you have any previous conference experience? If yes, please describe your experience. How do you think attending this conference will benefit your future involvement with student life in the Faculty of Engineering?
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A committee made up of Faculty of Engineering staff members and undergraduate will review all applications and then select the conference delegates. UMES is planning to send five delegates to this year’s CDE.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of this conference or application process please do not hesitate to contact your Vice Stick External, Zach Grossart (
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