LOHC Photoshoot Questionnaire
Please complete the professional photoshoot questionnaire to determine if you qualify for a professional photoshoot gift voucher (Reg. Price $2,400.00) Upon completion our staff will follow up.

For many entrepreneurs, few have considered the impact of having high quality images and photos for their brand and business promotions. We are interested in your feedback to learn your thoughts on this subject as well.
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As you reflect over your brand and images used, what level of quality do you feel it shows? *
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LOHC may also decide to discuss other professional offers to increase exposure for your business. Let us know what areas may be of interest to you. We will follow up to coordinate schedule availability. *
Select the best time of meeting to discuss the additional LOHC events, speaking opportunities, and advanced training. (Times will be based upon CST)
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Our goal is to provide a unique experience for each gift voucher recipient and we willingly invest in your brand. Aside from the minimal fee of $250 (of which $25.00 is a retainer to reserve spot), LOHC will absorb the costs for catering, staff, and the photography team. Should you qualify, would you be able to submit your $25.00 retainer fee within 3 business days? *
Thank you for completing the questionnaire. NOTE: Our team has already reserved the session dates of availability for our calendar, and should qualify the next available date will be provided. *
LOHC Photoshoot Experience (Check out our promo video)
We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our business owners and professionals. Our team will follow up with our next available session date should you qualify. This special offer is made available once a month to any qualified guests, and we happily waive our normal costs to invest in the small business community. Should the date provided not be convenient, we will release the next month’s schedule. Thank you in advance for being great at what you do!
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